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KZ1 is proud to announce the addition of Dr. William Hennen as head of our Science Team.

Dr. Hennen, widely know as a leading supplement scientist, has a Ph.D. in Bio-organic and Medicinal Chemistry, post-doctoral specializations in enzymatic and hormonal processes as well as nearly four decades’ experience in natural drug and nutritional supplement design.

As an industry leader, with the most cutting-edge supplements, KZ1 shares a common passion with Dr. Hennen.

We are driving the standards of modern supplement technology and he resonates with our mission. Our core values set KZ1 apart in the industry because we produce products that best serve the person, rather than just selling to them.

We believe your body is a miracle. Dr. Hennen’s “wellness from within” approach provides the tools it needs to heal, optimize and operate at peak performance.

Dr. Bill Hennen
Dr. Hennen, KZ1 Head Scientist

For the past 40 years, Dr. Hennen has watched the field of natural drug and nutritional supplement design grow and evolve.

He brings to the table vast knowledge of both Eastern and Western medicine which, when blended together, can create products that are truly unique.

Dr. Hennen has produced more than 40 significant publications. He has become world-renowned as a “father of transfer supplementation.” He specializes in next-gen products and innovations. Since the 1990s, he has developed multiple products with sales totaling more than $3 billion.

Although Dr. Hennen's credentials and achievements are undeniably impressive, what is perhaps most striking about him as a doctor and scientist is his humility.

He believes that scientists must adhere to strict obedience of nature. Dr. Hennen views himself as a servant first and foremost. This set of values sets him and KZ1 apart in the industry because we produce products that best serve the person, rather than just selling the product.

KZ1 has always believed in the power of extracts combined with the technology of modern science.

We now have the expertise that reflects this thinking. Our products are a combination of wisdom from all ages, all areas and all geographies.

Dr. Hennen has proved time and time again how valuable of an asset he is not only to KZ1, but to the entire field of science.

Dr. Hennen is a steadfast proponent of the truth that your body knows how to be healthy.

He sees his responsibility as one of guidance, pointing people toward the tools and ingredients they need to support their body's natural functions.

Dr. William Hennen is a valued pioneer of the health and wellness community. KZ1 is excited for the current products we are developing, as well as the future which promises to take us to a level unseen ever before in the industry!