The whole idea of the RESET ALX is to reset the immune system away from unbalanced, over responses against things that are innocuous and dangerous; and allow them to now react properly or to recognize a danger and react properly to that danger.

And so again, the whole idea and concept of RESET is to get the immune system to look with fresh eyes and to be able to control the over the overreaction against things that shouldn’t be reacted to.

And to recognize properly those things that need to be reacted to and to react strongly, vigorously.

When I look at a product like RESET, I take it and put it in the context of the martial arts.

You want the person to be very strong, very agile, but also have very good control; to be very differentiating between what is the threat and what is not.

To look whenever possible, to avoid a conflict, to be able to deal with it quickly.

So, when you look at the immune system in that in that way, what you’re looking at is that RESET is like a sensei that teaches you what to react to and how to rest so that you have the energy for the next encounter.

All of those things are very important. And again, with the sense that you have the concept that a generation before is teaching you what they knew; so that you can be wise from within.

You have this natural format in which immune information is passed from one generation to the next.

RESET ALX - Immune System Balance