Reishi Mushrooms are also know as Ganoderma Licidum.

This rare plant has been a staple in many traditions for over 2,000 years. Studies have shown that these mushrooms contain triterpenoids and peptides; among other antioxidants and minerals.

With Reishi being so abundant in vitamins and fiber, many have wondered about the health benefits associated with this mushroom. Extraction has become a popular way for consumers to take it as a supplement.

Some of the benefits that have been experienced from ingesting Reishi Mushrooms are strengthened immune system, asthma treatment, bronchitis health, fatigue, and stress reduction.

Fatigue that’s associated with various ailments have been significantly reduced in consumers who use Reishi extracts. In ancient Chinese tradition, this rare mushroom has been taken consistently to help prevent and cure many illnesses.

Some people have experienced increased energy due to the benefits of this extract. 

Doctors have even recommended this to their patients to alleviate the fatigue and discomfort caused by illness.

Asthma is another condition that Reishi Mushrooms helps treat.

In a 2 years study, two populations of asthma were monitored.

One group of the participants used their regular medication as prescribed, the other population used Reishi Mushrooms twice per week.

Over the course of the study, those who took the mushroom-based treatment saw a significant decrease in asthma symptoms.

The participants who took their regular prescribed medications suppressed their asthma symptoms; but plateaued after 10 weeks of treatment.

Bronchitis and stress are also treated with positive outcomes by taking Reishi Mushroom extracts. 

A recent study that involved middle aged participants revealed increased respiratory health.

The test spanned over the course of 1 year. Participants who experienced high levels of stress saw a significant decrease after one week of ingesting the supplement.

Those with bronchitis experienced better breathing and respiratory functioning after just a few days of taking Reishi. Many people still ingest the mushroom itself. However, proper dosage and moderation can be efficiently achieved by taking certified extracts.

The Reishi mushroom extract also contains beta-glucans known as complex sugars, that help support the way the immune system functions.

These beta-glucans can help with supporting even the most suppressed immune systems, such as those suffering with certain immune disorders.

The Reishi mushroom also fights age related infections such as influenza outbreaks that commonly occur around seasonal changes.

The older the immune system, the harder time it has fighting off the “flu”. That’s why taking Reishi Mushroom extract is great way to be proactive in keeping the immune system up to par.

The reason why the Resishi mushroom extract is so beneficial to fighting infections and keeping the immune system strong, is because of the levels of zinc and selenium that are known to fight infection, as well as lessen the severity of it.

The actual makeup of the Reishi mushroom is pretty incredible; showing that they actually trigger the release of the inflammatory cytokines that signal molecules to identify and destroy harmful bacteria that are trying to attack the immune system.

Overall, this extract is powerful and can be used in a multiple of ways to help fight infections and protect the immune system from becoming compromised.

Using the Reishi mushroom extract is a great way to be pro-active about your health and immunity.