Should I consume Supplements?

Unless you are growing your own food organically in your own back yard without the use of pesticides, herbicides and NPK synthetic fertilizer then you most likely do need additional supplementation of nutrients to make up for the nutrients that are not in the commercially grown foods and processed food being sold in markets today.

But I have heard that studies were done on certain vitamins and it was concluded that they had no benefit to the human body.  Were they telling the truth?

Yes, because the studies they did were on synthetic forms of the vitamins, and to our benefit those studies exposed that most ‘store bought’ vitamins are not effective, which is all the more reason to purchase a high quality, all natural, in most cases… wild crafted from its natural habitat while being sustainably harvested. But with headlines stating that studies showed that vitamin C, or D or E were not effective it is no wonder that consumers are skeptical.

What makes one supplement better than another?

Potency and bioavailability is what separates a quality supplement from a ‘run of the mill’ supplement.  This is usually determined by the source of the nutrients and the preparation of the nutrients.

The importance of the daily use of Supplements

Taking supplementation should be an important part of your daily routine. There are numerous bodily functions that rely on a healthy supply of a myriad of nutrients to perform their normal functions.

But how do I know what supplements to purchase, it all seems so confusing?

It’s difficult to determine the quality of a product just by reading the label.  The important question to get answered is…  “Is the product synthetic, or is it crafted from ‘whole foods’.  Supplements extracted from ‘whole food’ contains hundreds of molecules called “phytonutrients” that are not found in synthetic supplements. The real test however, is consuming a product for several months and charting your progress toward being at optimal heath. 

When you keep a journal of your day to day heath habits and what supplements you are consuming as well as what you are experiencing, you most likely will start seeing effects in the first few days, if not the first morning as you wake up fully refreshed and ready to start your day.

It’s now more important than ever to supplement your food. Even those that are approved as healthy need supplementation now. Who would of thought?

Factors Dictating the Importance of Modern Supplementation

Soil depletion during the past 30 to 40 years means that modern crops are less nutritiously rich. What takes the blame is modern agricultural approaches that are taken nutrients away from harvested fields. Additionally, the more crops are improved for faster growth and insect control, the less they retain their vitamins.

A 2004 study of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s data on nutrition found lower amounts of vitamin C, calcium, riboflavin protein, phosphorus and iron than nutritional data recorded in 1950 and 1999.

There are also modern advancements to breed new crops. And this is another factor causing a decrease in nutritional value. Average calcium levels decreased 21 percent in 12 vegetables. Iron dropped 37 percent, 21 percent of vitamin A levels are gone and over 25 percent of C vitamins levels are lost.

Why You Should Get Nutrients from a multiple of different plants?

The standard American diet means you can best benefit from supplementing nutrients via natural sources. Much of the nutrients naturally found in water 50 years ago has also been depleted. Since most meats are fed grain diets, they’re missing out on their nutritional counterpart: grass. And you can compensate for that with organic supplements.

The body usually deals with toxins, but modern society keeps introducing more toxins into everyday life. More than your body is cable of handling. These toxins cause inflammation and according to a front cover article on Time Magazine, inflammation is the root cause of many health challenges.

How long should I consume a nutrient before Feeling their effect?

Each person is different and therefore may have a different experience than their friends.

The amount you consume also plays a role. When the body has little of a certain vitamin, then that vitamin is likely to absorb quicker out of need. People who have diets consisting of processed food, GMO, and commercially grown foods and need supplementation the most and are the ones most likely to notice big difference right away.